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Web Developer

About Me

My name is James Cardinale.

I am a web developer with 6 years of experience as a Systems Administrator. I began building websites as a hobby and now it is a passion. I feel like a website is a big puzzle just waiting to be completed. I love working with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP, and also have experience creating responsive sites using frameworks like bootstrap or just hand coding a site …Go ahead, try this on different devices.

I also develop WordPress websites, just like this website you’re on right now. When I’m not developing websites, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two dogs, watching sports, and playing guitar.

My goal is to help you successfully grow your business into an online powerhouse. From Web Development, to social media strategies, and even SEO, I am your one-stop shop for building your business online.

Let’s get to work!

My Work

DTS Recording Studio Logo
DTS Recording Studio

DTS Recording Studio is a recording studio located in Bordentown, NJ. I have developed a robust, responsive website using a combination of hand-coding and Bootstrap framework with a custom WordPress theme.

  • Bootstrap
  • JS/jQuery
  • PHP
  • WordPress Custom Theme
A Logo for a Weather App
AJAX Weather API

This Weather app was developed to showcase AJAX and utilizes the "Wunderground API."

  • JS/jQuery
  • AJAX
An icon logo for a shopping list
jQuery Shopping List

"The Shopping List" app is a quick app I threw together to demonstrate some of the powers of jQuery in a handy app form.

  • JS/jQuery


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